Show your support! Train. Volunteer. Donate.

Your participation and sponsorship would be greatly appreciated and would help out the lives of many cancer patients, caregivers, and veterans struggling to maintain their daily livelihood due to the expenses incurred while fighting their battle. Prescriptions, groceries and basic living expenses could easily become a very stressful part of their fight if you do not have the means to sustain them. We are asking your help and assistance to make at least one family’s life easier by helping to relieve some of their Financial and Mental Stress.
Contributing to ALSIGE Foundation and its events is a cost effective way for companies, firms,
and individuals to gain exposure for their products and services as they support the fight against cancer, one of the second leading causes of death in the United States and by supporting our veterans.

Contributing to ALSIGE Foundation events and publication enhances a company’s recognition
within the cancer, health and multicultural communities, strengthens their relations with existing clients, and helps to generate new business.

Contributing to ALSIGE Foundation gives businesses and individuals the opportunity to provide
first hand support to women and men around the world, facing a life threatening illness and.

By contributing you will become a part of a multi-million dollar health initiative by:

• Educating, empowering and relieving financial burden for cancer patients, caregivers and veterans.
• Educating veterans about their benefits and the process to receive the benefits they have earned.
• Supporting the fight to end homelessness amongst veterans who have served their country honorably.
• Providing an intellectual platform to educate, nurture, and support men and women achieving collaboration with Sponsors who care.
• Setting an example of integrity and leadership.
• Bringing awareness to relevant cancer issues and effecting an environment for change in the way we view this disease.
• Bringing awareness to relevant veteran issues and effecting an environment for change in the way we view their transition into civilian life.