“Get FIT” to Fight FIGHT

What does it mean to be “FIT”? To ALSIGE “FIT” means being physically, mentally, emotionally and financially able to deal with the fight at hand. Whether you are a cancer patient or a veteran we want to help you through your FIGHT. When you are FIT your body works for you to help combat disease (physical or mental). You are able to perform your daily functions and enjoy different activities. To be truly FIT, you must be fit in ALL categories and that means getting the help you need in each component. At ALSIGE our goal is to help cancer patients, veterans and caregivers to become FIT!
Many people neglect these components of FIT thinking one component is more important than the others. Each component of FIT is equally important to give cancer patients, veterans and caregivers the strength, energy and confidence they need to Fight. In fact, each component of FIT helps you to achieve better fitness in other categories. At ALSIGE, we specifically train each component of fitness to help cancer patients, veterans and caregivers achieve the best defense possible.

The Pampered Escape

The Pampered Escape program is a free service program set up to help cancer patient, veterans and caregivers get out and enjoy life. Whether you want to be treated to dinner and a movie, a play, concert, the opera or simply a nice staycation, we want you to enjoy a night on the town sponsored by us. It can be you and a friend or you and your mate. We will arrange all reservations to ensure you enjoy yourself and forget about all the stress and problems for once. We also provide spa treatments such as massages, facials, and manicures to help along with making each patient feel better. We have all natural and handmade beauty products available for purchase. We know that during chemotherapy, radiation and other forms of treatment the skin can become dry, irritated and extremely sensitive to certain chemicals and products. The all natural beauty products include make-up, body wash, lotion, body scrub, body butters, shampoo/conditioner, as well as facial cleansers. We have volunteer hairstylists, make-up artists, massage therapist, and more available to assist our clients to go over products in detail.

Rides to Survive

Volunteer drivers donate their time and resources to take patients to treatment and back home again.They also provide encouragement and support. Drivers must have a valid driver’s license for the state where they live. They must also have a safe, reliable vehicle and proof of automobile insurance. Volunteer drivers must have a good driving history and be in good health. Driver coordinators help schedule the rides. Coordinators can work whenever it’s convenient for them, one day a week, during the evening, or weekends. All it takes is as little as four hours a week of your time, organization, and communication skills to make a major impact on the well-being of cancer patients and veterans in your community.