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ALSIGE Foundation Inc is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization created to provide services, assistance and resources for Cancer Warriors, Veterans and their caregivers. ALSIGE advocates for the many forms of cancer and and all branches of military service. We understand the hardships incurred not only to Cancer Warriors and Veterans but the caregivers as well. Not everyone dealing with issues stemming from Cancer or the Military has the means to fight. This is where ALSIGE will play a huge part by providing education, resources, assistance and compassion to help those in need.

ALSIGE is the right place to find assistance during your time of need. We will help through your struggles through physical, financial, and emotional support. Providing assistance to relieve stress is one of the many goals of ALSIGE Foundation along with education and awareness.

Meet the Founder

Finding creative and innovative ways to provide assistance, support, and resources to Cancer Warriors, Veterans and their Caregivers in the St. Louis and Atlanta Metro Areas.

Born and raised in East St. Louis, IL. Simone join the U.S. Navy at the age of 17. During her service in 2001, she lost her mother to Breast Cancer. In 2006 she found out her step-father had Stage 4 Lung Cancer. She was discharge from the Navy in 2007. Dedicating her life to taking care of her mother, step-father and serving in the military she experienced numerous trials and setbacks. She vowed to become an advocate for those in similar situations to make their lives easier.

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