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Cancer Financial Care

A cancer diagnosis can also affect their financial well-being. This is true whether they are newly diagnosed or a long-time cancer survivor. They may not know where they stand financial or may be having trouble coming up with a plan to pay their medical bills. There also may be some confusion about to rebuild their finances after treatment is over. The big concern may be them being able to take care of their family during and after treatment. ALSIGE has a staff of qualified financial advisor to help with their money concerns. They will develop strategies and plans to help the cancer patient and their family/caregiver manage their finances now and in the future.

Along with paying for cancer treatments, cancer patients and their family/caregivers need to be able to pay for transportation to and from medical appointments, as well as cover basic living expenses, such as child care, food and housing. With specific financial needs resulting from their cancer treatment they will need an advisor who is experienced in handling these issues. For those needing financial assistance during their fight they can apply for assistance through the ALSIGE Cares Program.

Veteran Financial Care

We provide short-term financial assistance to Veterans and their Caregivers in temporary crisis who, because they are working and live just above the poverty level, are ineligible for most types of conventional social assistance but who (like many of us) are living one or two lost paychecks away from the kind of financial catastrophe that eventually leads to homelessness.

Financial grants for each eligible member or members family to meet personal, short term living needs in these areas; Food, rent or utilities, emergency transportation and vehicle repair, funeral expenses, legal expenses, medical/dental expenses, assistance with a home, rental, lease, purchase or home improvements, assistance with the purchase, rent or lease of a vehicle. The Board of Directors has final approval of all funds allocation and selection of money managers.

We assist all Veterans who have been discharged under other than dishonorable character of service. ALSIGE treats all with privacy and dignity in appreciation for their service and sacrifice. We never charge fees nor accept repayment and rely on donations from private citizens, businesses and foundations for all funding.


In addition to financial assistance, ALSIGE provide hygiene items, blankets, coats and more for those in need. Have an interview and need business attire? We can help. Contact us today if you are in need. (Resources may be limited)

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