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What does it mean to be “FIT”? To ALSIGE “FIT” means being physically, mentally, emotionally and financially able to face your battles. When you are FIT your body works for you to help combat disease and stress. You are able to perform your daily functions and enjoy different activities. To be truly FIT, you must be fit in ALL categories and that means getting the help you need in each component. At ALSIGE our goal is to help you become FIT! Each component of FIT is equally important to give you the strength, energy and confidence you need to Fight.

Physical FIT

Physical fitness can be measured in many ways, but the tape measures and gauges can’t tell you how much more energized and self-confident you’ll feel when you get FIT. What’s more, exercising and eating right can help dramatically reduce the risk of cancer, stress, depression and many other diseases. ALSIGE approaches health and wellness from a medically integrated perspective, and our foundation offers a wide range of health, fitness, and educational programs and classes. Staff members include highly trained registered dietitians and certified and degreed fitness professionals who can develop individualized exercise programs. ALSIGE features supervised exercise sessions with a certified fitness specialist, available to anyone cleared by their physician.

Mental & Emotional FIT

Finding out you have cancer or transitioning from military to civilian life can present many changes for you and your loved ones. We offer answers to some common questions and give you an idea of what you can expect from the people and services that are there to help you cope with your individual situation. We assist and guide you and your loved ones about what changes may need to be made to their family routines.

ALSIGE is here to support and help everyone cope with their situation. Through individual and group therapy sessions and other alternative methods. we are dedicated to helping others live healthier and helping reduce worry and stress. We want to show our support before, during and after the fight! ALSIGE will help you stay FIT through it all.

Financial FIT

A life changing event or diagnosis can change your financial well-being. ALSIGE has a staff of qualified financial advisors to help with your money concerns. They will develop strategies and plans to help you manage your finances now and in the future.

With specific financial needs and various situations we will help find an advisor who is experienced in handling these issues. For those needing financial assistance during their Fight they can apply for assistance through the ALSIGE Cares Financial Assistance Program.

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