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We offer a wide range of services designed just for Cancer Warriors, Veterans and their Caregivers. These services are not indulgences. They are necessities to give you the strength they need to power through life. The Pampered Escape helps manage changes to your physical appearance and skin, and generally improve your self-image. The Pampered Escape was created to provide an experience which offers a unique variety of services to help you feel good, look vibrant, and stay healthy.

The Pampered Escape is an oasis where escape from stress is surreal and inevitably possible. We are devoted to bringing you back to balance with the products and services we provide. The Pampered Escape program is a free service program. This program is designed to provide Cancer Warriors,Veterans and their caregiver(s) with a personalized pampering experience or escape.

The Pampered includes pampering such as special spa treatments, make-overs, and wardrobe assistance. Hair care is also a special treatment given to those that may be dealing with hair loss or at the stage of their hair growing back. We provide a wide variety of unique body, skin, and nail services to revitalize your mind, nourish your body, and enhance your well-being. Skin changes are often an unexpected challenge. The estheticians haveadvanced training in skin care for patients who have undergone chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Specialized restoration treatments soothe skin head to toe. Massage and reflexology reduce tension and stress so you can focus your energy.

The temptation to be pampered during chemotherapy, radiation, or other evasive treatments however, is often overshadowed by feelings of nausea and/or fatigue. Your immune system may be compromised by the drugs and treatment, and infection is easy to pick up regardless of how clean the environment is. This is why we will come to you in the comfort of your own home to provide these services.

The Escape is a shared family experience such as VIP tours and status, special access, privileged guest appearances, tickets, and meet and greets. Escape opportunities could be beach, lake or mountain houses; hotel stays, behind-the-scenes tours, going to a “live” movie or television set or music recording studio; being with a CEO, chairman, governor or mayor for part of a day; riding in a vintage car and enjoying a picnic; cruises on private yachts or plane rides.

Escape opportunities could be great seats to a sporting event, concert, play or show, having ice cream with the star of the show or a professional ballplayer, or sitting in on a private rehearsal or practice. It could be watching the evening news being broadcast live from the studio and having dinner or dessert with the anchors afterwards. Imagine all the festivals, concerts, amusement parks, farms, guest ranches, helicopter rides, private plane excursions, and other attractions that could serve as a memory experience.

There is literally a world of possibilities from standard to exotic and unique to basic. Some will be three-hour “positive distractions.” Some will last for 3 consecutive days. All services will be approved by personal physicians as part of the Pampered Escape selection criteria. ALSIGE wants to maintain the best health formula for each individual's care.

Our goal is to provide outstanding customer satisfaction through exceptional customer care, top notch services, and personalized experiences. Personalized services are our goal and commitment as well as client satisfaction. With each and every visit you're guaranteed the individual attention and services you expect and deserve.

Eligibility Criteria for Cancer Warriors

  • Reside in the ALSIGE service area which includes: Atlanta Metro Area and St. Louis Metro Area
  • Have a cancer diagnosis as certified by a healthcare provider
  • Be in active treatment or within a six month period of cancer treatment. Active treatment includes chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, or cancer related surgery.
  • Have activity/service approved by healthcare provider
  • Applicants must be 18years of age or older

Eligibility Criteria for Veterans

  • Reside in the ALSIGE service area which includes: Atlanta Metro Area and St. Louis Metro Area
  • Military Veteran with a discharge other than dishonorable
  • Have activity/service approved by healthcare provider
  • Applicants must be 18years of age or older

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